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Anything You Can Imagine can Become 
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A 6-MONTH WEALTH  & SUCCESS Training and Mastermind Program

No matter what you want out of life, we’ll help you get to the root of what has you stuck and propel you toward success. 
Our proven system for success is designed to help you make positive, permanent changes in your life, so you can succeed in everything you set your mind to, from eliminating debt to building wealth, and anything else you could possibly imagine!

Who Is This Program For?

Introducing The  Million in You Group 
Coaching & Mastermind Program 

Based on the work by the legendary Bob Proctor and led by one of today’s most successful mindset & success coaches in the world,

Jon Talarico

You only have one life to live. There are no dress rehearsals. There are no do overs…

YOU have the power and life force inside of you right now to shape and mold your life exactly the way you want it – even if you currently feel it’s impossible. The universe has no limitations.

The only limitation that’s holding your back from the success you desire most is your MINDSET.

YOU can create a successful mindset and mix that with taking the right actions in life, make the seemingly impossible – possible. Behind the curtain of any success is a person who was able to use the power of their own mind and thoughts to shape their desired reality.

In fact, some of the greatest minds of our time have known this secret for many centuries.

They understood how the power of the mind and thought combined with the energy of the universe could shape reality according to their will. And the best news of all, this same power is available to YOU right now.

Jon Talarico has made me millions of dollars as my coach. If you have an opportunity to work with him, jump at it. He's the best around at connecting you to more money, more happiness and more results!  
– Les Brown

Are you ready to create more income and real wealth?  Ready to have financial freedom and live your dream life?  How about have absolute certainty and clarity in setting and achieving your goals? 

If you feel blocked or personally incapable of developing a winning mindset that’ll help you get real, tangible results in life, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve created a new coaching and training program that’ll give you the proven tips, practical steps, and breakthrough insights you need to finally overcome your own mental barriers to success.


An Exclusive 6-Month LIVE Group Coaching & Mastermind Training
Program Focused on Developing a Winning Mindset for Success

What Is The Thinking Into Results Program Anyway?

  • I’ve created an in-depth, yet simple and easy-to-implement group coaching program based on the work of the great Bob Proctor for people who want to develop a winning mindset that gets tangible results. 
  • ​This is more than just another “positive thinking” type of course. This program has been carefully designed and distilled down to 12 very powerful and life-transforming lessons that can be implemented right away.
  • ​The end goal? To establish a winning mindset for success that not only permeates your own thinking and beliefs, but also gets you lasting results.nd goal? To establish a winning mindset for success that not only permeates your own thinking and beliefs, but also gets you lasting results.

What’s Included Inside The Coaching + Training

  • Thinking Into Results is a LIVE group coaching and mastermind training program that’s broken down into 12 simple and highly effective practical lessons over the course of 6 months (24 weeks). 
  • During the coaching and training calls, I’ll dive deep on a number of subjects that range from goal setting, productivity, peak performance, how to think yourself into results, the power of Praxis, “The magic word”, how to trample the terror barrier, and much more. 
Another huge win since working with Jon. I thought it was going to take at least a year to pay off my business start up took one month.
– Jessica Boyd

The 12 Life-Transforming Lessons You’re About To Discover
Will Allow You to Create a Successful Mindset That Will


A Brief Look at the 12 Specific LIVE Lessons
That’ll Be Covered Inside the Million in You Coaching Program

  • Lesson #1: Worthy Ideal: There’s a unique way to set and achieve goals that promote quantum leaps in life.  Once you understand how to set goals in this way, it’ll create a dramatic shift in the way you achieve anything you desire.
  • ​Lesson #2: Knowing/Doing Gap: Did you know that there’s a big difference between “knowing” and “doing” when it comes to achieving things you never thought were possible for your life? It’s true, and this one big mistake is most likely holding you back from what you really want.
  • ​Lesson #3: Infinite Mind: To achieve any goal, you not only have to be productive, but also efficient. But what habits do you need to focus on? Once you can tap into the power of your Infinite Mind, productivity and efficiency will become an automatic habit for positive change.
  • Lesson #4: The Secret Genie: Once you can tap into the power of your mind and thoughts, not only can you change your inner world (thoughts and beliefs), but you’ll be able to shape and mold your external world. This will lead to peak performance, higher productivity, and greater success in everything you do.
  • Lesson #5: Thinking Into Results: Find out how to use the power of thought analysis and proactive thinking to your advantage in both life and work.  You’ll be able to see the hidden blocks that’ve been holding you back from greater achievements.
  • Lesson #6: Environment is Our Looking Glass: Fear, doubt, and lack of self-confidence can hold you back from achieving anything you crave or desire in life.  I’ll show you the exact steps to overcome fear so you can start seeing big changes.
  • ​Lesson #8: The Power of Praxis: Something magical happens when you can properly align your own actions, beliefs, and behaviors in a positive, seamless, and highly focused way. In fact - it's life changing. In this lesson, I’ll reveal what’s called “The Power of Praxis” and how you can integrate it into your own thinking to shape your reality and success.
  • ​Lesson #9: The Magic Word: It’s one thing to be told to have a good attitude. It’s another to go deeper under the surface of what it actually is, and most of all – how to change it in a way that maximizes your own success. I’ll show you several powerful methods and tips you can use to have a good attitude regardless of any situation, positive or negative.
  • Lesson #10: The Most Valuable Person: If you want to pave the way to lasting success, it’s vital that you understand how to be both a good leader and follower. Not only will this allow you to positively influence others and yourself, but it’ll also allow you to create a fruitful environment that’ll allow you to become successful beyond your wildest dreams.
  • Lesson #11: Leaving Everyone With The Impression of Increase: Success isn’t selfish. When you can increase the value of others, it raises your own value and importance in a very natural (and admirable) way. But what are the best ways to make others feel valued and appreciated, without draining your own vital energy? I’ll show you how to make this principal work for you in a way that feels effortless.
  • ​Lesson #12: Magnifying the Mind: We will show you how to make quantum leaps that’ll lead to dramatic and sustainable changes in a shorter amount of time. So, what’s the secret to doing this? It’s all about Magnifying the Mind in ways that lead to unprecedented increases in performance and results.
Since I joined Jon's program, my speaking career has been non stop! Even today, I received two additional international requests to speak. Working with Jon yields amazing results! Thank you, Jon! 
– Lisa Yvette Jones

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You Invest In
The Million in You Coaching Program

  • Lifetime online access to the entire Thinking into Results Program + Workbook
  • Access to a 24-week Mastermind where you’ll discover the process of developing a winning mindset, better relationships, and how to achieve your biggest dreams
  • Exclusive Weekly Group coaching calls with myself, Jon Talarico
  • ​Access to weekly Open Office hours (Mon-Fri) to ask any questions you need
  • Daily accountability Group Chat to help you ‘fast track’ your personal results
  • Exclusive Access to your own online portal and our private Facebook community
  • Digital and hard copy versions of the official Thinking Into Results program workbook
  • ​BONUS: 6 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with me, once per month, 30 minutes each

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Another witness from Jon's mastermind here! When I joined I was destroyed. My business was ruined! Last month I got one of my goals, which was about my business revenue crushed, with more than 30% more than target. And I just done 50% of the work I intended to do.
– Michael Hennel

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Who is Jon Talarico?

Considered among the world’s foremost experts in building successful relationships, Jon Talarico has directly worked with thought leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and of course, countless individuals just like yourself, looking to create an impact, and a flourishing, prosperous life.

Jon has spent decades in researching and testing out the chemistry of self discovery and opportunities, developing a simple-to-understand system that anyone can apply and yield meaningful results with.

Having endured a difficult life growing up, seeing many distressing facets of life, Jon understands and knows what it’s like to have a difficult life. Your experience may be different, but the pain remains the same. His experience paved himself a path to help transforming lives, which he as been doing for over a decade.

Jon’s message of hope in immense possibilities beyond common imagination formed the foundation of many success stories to date.
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